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New sustainable textile innovations strengthen links between Taiwan and North America in the sports and outdoor market
Organization:   Date: 2023-06-06
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, the sports and outdoor wear market experienced a major boom, as restrictions in different countries prompted consumers to spend more time outside – not only to exercise, but also to pursue their leisure time outdoors, to socialise and to reconnect with nature.

While restrictions have since ceased, many people have kept habits formed during that time, resulting in the snowballing of outdoor sports and athleisure trends worldwide.

This is especially the case in North America. Traditionally, the leading markets for global sports and outdoor wear consumption have been North America and Europe. Yet as the global economy undergoes multiple changes post-Covid, its performance is varying significantly across different parts of the world. North America is now in a largely stronger position economically than Europe, and was the leading sports and outdoor wear market in 2022.

Experts believe the share of the global market held by North America and Europe will decrease in the next five years, as they will be more heavily impacted by high inflation rates that will dampen spending compared with the Asia-Pacific region. However, the overall demand in the two traditional markets will continue to rise.

================Innovations showcase================

To help meet the growing desire for sports and outdoor wear in North America, over 30 providers of functional and sustainable fabrics assembled by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) will converge on Salt Lake, Utah from 19-21 June 2023 for the latest edition of Outdoor Retailer Summer to showcase their innovations and highlight the diverse end uses of their products.

Textiles from Taiwan are pivotal in the global sports apparel production supply chain, and the latest developments from the Taiwanese textile industry pave the way for a wide array of functional applications.

Over the years, Taiwan’s textile industry has constantly embraced the latest trends by working with fresh concepts and new designs to develop new sustainable innovations. At present these include areas such as net-zero, upcycling and recycled materials, all helping reduce brands’ carbon footprint. These areas have already taken centre stage as the top outdoor sports fabric trends for 2023.

================Technological developments================

Taiwan's textile value chain has long excelled in user-oriented design and reliable quality for sports and outdoor fabrics, and suppliers are therefore able to tailor their product ranges to different clients. Particularly when it comes to innovation, Taiwan’s companies focus not only on upgrading their textiles but actively investing resources in technological developments to constantly introduce new products and services.

Whether buyers are seeking a range of premium items with superior moisture management worn by inspiring outdoor adventurers, or highly elastic sports shorts used by talented athletes, Taiwan’s textile designers and manufacturers can deliver the right solutions that are needed – and Taiwan is home to a vertical value chain for the right product development.

================Staying ahead in the market================

As Taiwanese textile companies continue to advance their integration of innovative design, they are fortifying partnerships with institutes and verification units, thereby staying ahead in the market and driving North American sports and outdoor brands to place orders, thanks to their values of innovation, function and sustainability.

Taiwan is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable and functional textiles. Through its R&D know-how in sustainability, innovation and customer-oriented capabilities, the country’s textile industry has successfully established a cooperative link with North America and is in turn driving further development of the outdoor sector in this leading market.

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