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Taiwan Functional Textiles

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Recently, Taiwan's textile makers have developed some kinds of functional textiles to meet market demands. But, most of the functions of textiles cannot be found by seeing or touching. They will be verified after testing or using. Therefore, TTF set up the certification system to provide a guarantee of quality for Taiwan Functional textiles. A certification system would be important to local and overseas buyers and consumers who can look for the certification label to identify the quality of the products they are buying.


In view of this, Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) is committed to planning and promoting the "Taiwan Functional textiles" (TFT) certification system. At present, TTF has established several certification standards, including the standard for 23 products, based on the criteria set up by "Committee for Conformity Assessment on Accreditation and Certification of Functional and Technical Textiles" and offered product certification service to functional textile manufacturers and merchandisers. The TFT certificate label is now duly registered in Taiwan, the US, the Europe Union, Korea, China, Vietnam and Japan.